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Machine Gun Kelly Was Gushing Blood But Kept Performing After Smashing Glass On His Face

Last night, Machine Gun Kelly took to Madison Square Garden for a massive sold-out show, but it’s what he did after that’s making headlines this morning: At an after-party, Kelly went ahead and, keeping with his signature intensity, smashed a glass on his face and mostly acted like he wasn’t bleeding fairly heavily from his head. In a video shared on Kelly’s Instagram Story (also viewable via Page Six), Kelly, speaking to a small crowd at […]

todayJune 29, 2022 3


The Cost Of Kendrick Lamar’s Glastonbury Outfit, Crown Of Thorns Included, Was Apparently In The Millions

Kendrick Lamar made a splash at Glastonbury last weekend by showing up in a crown of thorns, presumably the same one he wore for the Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers album cover, for his performance. It’s a fancy piece of headwear and it turns out it was part of an overall pretty expensive outfit. In a video from Glastonbury that’s been making the rounds, Lamar is asked how much the outfit costs and […]

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Drake Sells His YOLO Estate For A Reported $12 Million

Drake’s used to breaking records, seeing success, and more or less printing money, but even he can’t have it all. After listing his “YOLO Estate” in Hidden Hills, California for $14.8 million dollars this spring, he finally closed a deal last week for only $12 million, according to TMZ. I kid, I kid. Drake originally put up the three-home property for sale at $22.2 million, with the bulk of that coming from the biggest house, which has a […]

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Oriental Kiss Practices

Among Asian cultures, kissing is a form of term that may or may not be culturally accredited. Some nationalities frown after public displays of love, while others do not even let kissing in public. The kiss is a form of expression that can be a way to share joy or perhaps show friendship and love. It is also a sign of romance and faithfulness. However , the cultural beliefs about […]

todayJune 27, 2022


The right way to Not End up being Jealous in a Relationship

If you are a envious person, dream marriage review it can be challenging to feel comfortable in your romance. However , there are ways to not really be envious in a romantic relationship and discover a balance between your feelings and the actions of others. Know Yourself Jealousy can be a signal of insecurity or a deficiency of self-esteem. Your home to explore and work through your insecurities will allow […]

todayJune 20, 2022


Кресс-салат советы по выращиванию: уход, посадка и пересадка, удобрения и грунт Питэр Пит, поливка, обрезка, болезни и вредители

ContentКак хранить листовой салатО полезных свойствах салатаТемпература воздуха Зелени образуется очень мало и ее внешние и вкусовые качества очень низкие. Листья салата приобретают горьковатый привкус и становятся волокнистыми. Среди огромного количества видов и сортов салатов не все могут принести ожидаемый урожай на оконной грядке. Садоводам, не имеющим опыта, рекомендуется правильно выбирать сорта для выращивания на подоконнике. Раннеспелые сорта являются для таких условий наиболее подходящими. Можно приобретать сорта «Курчаволистный», «Желтый», Аманда», […]

todayJune 14, 2022

Bitcoin News

Strategies for Trading Fibonacci Retracements

Content What Type of Trader Is TradingView Best For? Can I Trade on TradingView? current community Sierra Chart Finally, I do not think you can connect to external signals. TradingView’s Forex screener shows the major and minor pairs by default, and you can add exotic FX pairs. You can filter on rising and falling fx pairs and even set alerts directly from the screener. With TradingView in the USA, you […]

todayJune 9, 2022

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