On Air Personalities

Katrina Martinez

Chief Operations Officer

Katrina Martinez was born and raised in East Los Angeles. She is a hard-working individual who is set to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently at the NAA Worldwide Los Angeles Office. With over 10 years of experience in Executive Management, in different industries, Katrina thrives in corporate and creative atmospheres. Working closely with the Broadcast Media Directors, Katrina strives to bring the best and most up-to-date information to all of our members and viewers.

Demarcus Kelly

Broadcast Media Director

Demarcus has an impressive background in radio and new media. He specializes in Content Making, Podcasting, Business Communications, and Producing. Additionally, Demarcus has over 10 years in DJ entertainment and management services. His father always told him: “To be the best him and strive to make others better”.

Frank Cardenas

Broadcast Media Assistant Director

Frank has been working in multimedia for nearly 10 years as both a personality and a
producer. From being a voice on podcasts and videos, writing news and sports articles, and being involved in projects both live and pre-recorded, he has been active in the world of media in all aspects. He is looking forward to continuing his work as part of the NAA-Radio team.


Gerardo Duran

Operations Manager

Gerardo Duran, passionate for progress, put together a team of professionals who he hopes will make NAA’s brand known worldwide.

Cameron Manning

NAA B-Radio Assistant Coordinator

Cameron has a Background in writing, acting, and cinematography. He believes that hard work and dedication is the key to success. His motto is “never give up and never give in.”